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Testimonials and Feedback

I am grateful for the opportunity to assist people in getting to a greater space of wellness and joy through my Healing Resonance mind-body-spirit-emotions sessions and art. We are not merely our bodies ... we are an ever-changing composite of physicality, emotions, spirituality, and energy/frequency/vibration. These aspects of self are so tied together in somewhat of a "chicken and egg" (which came first) scenario that the mind-body-spirit approach to healing makes so much sense.

Because the unseen realms of human form (including communication with/to/through the physical body intelligence) are where my natural abilities excel, affecting positive outcomes in others is somewhat effortless ... I merely go to that aspect of myself that is totally and unconditionally loving and feel what is not in resonance with that presence and release it (with my clients' consent, involvement and cooperation). I work for the highest good of all!

This section of my site includes testimonials some of my clients have written and invited me to share with others. In most cases I have provided a bit of background info [written in brackets]. Many major transformations reflect a shedding of an old, painful story/frequency/density. This is why I love to say "release what no longer serves you." The time is right for incredible shifts and we are each here to contribute our pure essence of light and love. That is so much easier to do when we are centered, balanced, and clear. Much love, Kristi

Friday, September 7, 2018

Things Are Going Really Well ...*

[Janet B called me with tears in her voice. She had found my site looking for someone nearby who offered Reiki services. I explained that while I am a Reiki Master, my work goes far beyond this bandwidth. As I talked about my Perspective Reboot® one-hour sessions, Janet exclaimed "You have your own method? I love that; it's so much more authentic." She explained that she has been feeling badly emotionally for a long time. She wanted to know how quickly she would feel better. While most people feel lighter with their first session, I cannot predict this because the client's willingness to let go is a big factor. "Please schedule your first session and we'll go from there."

Janet decided to drive 3-hours one-way to have an in-person session rather than a distance session. She scheduled for the following week. I received an email the day before Janet's scheduled session which I'm also including below. I love the Universe confirmation to her that our partnership would be beneficial!

Janet had a wonderful turnaround in her first one-hour session and, a month later, decided to postpone her next session until the fall/early winter. Based upon what we could only touch upon in one hour, I suggested she keep this appointment. Ultimately, I honor and respect each client's sense of Right Timing for their inner work. There is both momentum and a cumulative affect (additional layers of Presence, Joy, Ease) that come through successive sessions ... clearing, activation, empowerment, resonance and repatterning what's been holding that person back (or pointing them in the wrong direction ;).]

8/1 Hi Kristi,

I’m sitting here tonight making last minute notation for directions to you tomorrow ... Exit 19; Highway 109; Your address 190 ... it’s such a huge wow for me. I’m not much of a number person, but I had a kinetic energy worker tell me once the number 19 represented the alpha and omega for me. The number 19 has been a very strong significant number through my entire life.

This is such a trip of bravery for me tomorrow.  It is a big deal for me to go this far on uncharted new roads by myself and I feel so shaky with all the law hits in life, especially rapid fire the last 15 years. This trip is a good thing for me.

See you tomorrow. Janet ❤️

8/2 Hi Kristi,

Thank you for everything! I just pulled into the driveway. The drive home was absolutely peaceful and beautiful, a complete turnaround from the tense drive down there. All the tension is gone and that ugly heaviness I was carrying is nearly gone and I am finally able to breathe.

I am taking advantage of this bright time to work on my mindset to rewire myself to what I know is true and necessary for my wellbeing. I want to meet with you at the beginning of September.

Until we meet again :-) Janet

9/5 Hi Kristi,

I'm just now looking at this week's schedule and see we have an appointment on the 7th.

Things are actually going really well. I am going to cancel for now, as I'm in a really good place.

Lovingly, Janet

Friday, August 3, 2018

I AM Doing Great*

[In-person session with client. Prior to session, her state was reflected on the Intake Form statements below. Client touched base via email four days after her first one-hour session.]

BEFORE ~ "I feel blocked.  Just got out of abusive/toxic relationship/starting new job/have been dealing with anxiety/depression … coped with self-medication (drinking more than usual) things have been better since I stopped the relationship. Low self-esteem. I think it has been going on for the past year. I have talked to my doctor regarding anxiety issues (chest pains shortness of breath). All test came back negative.

DURING ~ Elizabeth had jut started using "the patch" and we worked on healing any past-tense damage. She expressed some feelings of not being good enough for her new job; those fears addressed and receded. Client noticed the opening of her heart and lungs during her session. Feeling of lightness was remarkable to her.

AFTER ~ "I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I am doing great.  I read your note every night and every morning."

[I provide written notes of affirmations and empowerment tips which come through for clients in both in-person and distance one-hour sessions.]

"As soon as I get back on my feet financially I'd love to make an appointment monthly ... Thank you so much."

Much love,
Elizabeth C, Maine

Monday, July 9, 2018

I Have Been Doing Much Better!*

[Distance session requested via email for multiple concerns. Kim wrote "Chief complaint is depression. None of my normal activities are bringing me joy. I don't even feel happy when I look at (my view which I treasure)...Lately I would rather sit home and watch TV or sleep." Chakra blocks and emotional root wounds were identified in area of physical concerns. These were related to the low feelings, which lifted and shifted. We worked past deep resistance to letting go and change.]

Thank you! Though the work was challenging, I think it was what I needed. I have been doing much better!

Kim, Wyoming

Friday, March 23, 2018

You Were Right On Point With So Many Things*

[Distance session, second of a purchased 3-Session Jump Start Package. Client initially sought sessions due to impending breast cancer surgery. Insights, understanding, compassion and Perspective Reboot® aspects of her session have helped to transmute thoughts, feelings and vibrations that helped to foster the cancer and also digestive issues within her body. The reference to angels is that when I "touched" her shoulders near the end of our session I heard "Your angels are well pleased with you" and conveyed that message to her. Messages come through like this, for the mind-body-spirit-emotions, unique for each client and their healing-empowerment-journey.]

Thanks Kristi,

I so totally appreciate having your time a guidance. You were right on point with so many things. After our session I expected to be a little wiped out from my tears of release. But, just the opposite occurred. I spent the rest of the day yesterday euphoric and full of energy.

I am looking forward to progressing through this and exploring/developing some new aspects of "me". I am completely excited to know I have angels with me and that they are pleased...how great is that?

Thanks again xo
Susan F, Connecticut

Saturday, February 3, 2018

What You Did for Me Took a Couple of Days to Kick In ... I Am Back*

[In person session to address feelings of sadness and client's assessment that he was drinking too much. One of the reasons for my 24-hour cancellation policy is that our work starts in the hours leading up to the session. Client had noticed a shift on the morning before our session.]

Hi Kristi, 

Much has changed [since my session 4 days ago]! The dark cloud of sadness and despair has dissipated. I am back to my normal, happy go lucky self! So thank you for that!

One of the first things I noticed was jogging from my car to the store or from point A to point B, whereas I used to drag my feet. And, I'm also parking further away from my destination as you suggested.

As for the drinking: I did drink each night, but less and less each night and yesterday morning and last night, felt silly about the drinking. Last night I didn’t finish my second drink and instead, ate something light and went to bed early. 

Yesterday after work, I actually bought running shoes and went jogging this morning. I feel great and am wondering how I ever let myself get to the point I got too. 

It’s as if what you did for me took a couple days to kick in**. Or, perhaps you snuck in some “distance healing”?? In fact, on Monday morning, as I told you, I was in such a great mood but couldn’t explain why, as nothing had changed, or so I thought ;)

Thank you. You’re awesome!!
Dave L, New Hampshire

[**Note, we did this together in alignment with the Greater Good for All :) ]

Friday, January 5, 2018

Glad I tried Kristi's Post-Op Pain Relief and Faster Healing Sessions!*

[Client purchased my 45-minute Post-Op and Healing Acceleration Package. All sessions were accomplished through phone call, energetic, telepathic and love-based healing connectivity.]

I decided to try Kristi's pain relief post op sessions for a planned molar extraction. Upon her suggestion, I purchased the 45-minute pack and had the first session within an hour after the surgery (we did a total of 3 sessions within the first 12 hours after surgery).

The surgeon had suggested I'd have some bleeding for the first 24 hours; my bleeding stopped after my first session with Kristi.

Prior to surgery, the oral surgeon's staff had suggested I buy 200 mg Ibuprofen, which I did. After surgery, the surgeon prescribed Ibuprofen with Codeine, but I decided to see how it went with Kristi first. I did take some of the standard Ibuprofen during the first 24 hours.

I had no swelling whatsoever and felt so great that I went back to work less than 24 hours later.

I'm so glad I tried Kristi's pain relief and faster healing sessions!

Truly, Joseph

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

You Helped Me to Wake Up to My Spiritual Awareness!*

[Client booked her distance session for “Clarification, perspective, intuition guidance. Getting the word ‘shame’ out of my life. Major depressive disorder for the last 30 years. Skin.” During her session a major source of shaming came through for healing and release. I also taught Tamara how to work more effectively at healing a skin condition rather than owning it. In closing the session by going through each chakra, her throat chakra “told me” that a route to her joy would be for her to sing.]

Before the session, I was feeling a lack of enthusiasm, disappointment, almost stuck in a place I could not move from.

Now I feel the enthusiasm, I feel a new surge of life and my spirit has risen above the clouds of feeling stuck.

I have a new viewpoint of my life. Putting my crocheting away for awhile and picking up my guitar and singing again!

I feel enlightened, directed and confident since our session! You helped me to wake up to my spiritual awareness! There is so much more good that came from the session ...

Thank you! Truly,
Tamara, Florida

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

You Did What 36 Years of Will Power Could Not Do!*

[In person session for connection to inner gifts. A psychic reader had told Dave he needed to step into his gift and be a "healer". During session I shared how important it is to release all negativity from our bodies ... both for our physical health and to be a better channel for love. During this process, Dave shared that he had never forgiven a serious girlfriend for their long-ago breakup. We worked on understanding, compassion and forgiveness to clear this lower vibration and looping sub-program. 

Near the end of the session, the message came through for Dave that he is already connected to his gifts ... "kindness & laughter". I saw that these are gifts he shares in the workplace; gifts which make that a better space for himself, his co-workers and clients. This lifted a huge weight from Dave, as he now realized he didn't have to become someone else he had no clue how to be. 

There are many different forms of healing and being of service in our world <3 Be yourself <3] 

Hi Kristi,

I’ve been meaning to email you for quite a while now! Do you recall that I still harbored some ill feelings towards a former person in my life? Well, guess what! All those feelings are gone!

When that person pops into my mind, my feelings are NEUTRAL!! No hard feelings, no regrets, just neutrality.

You did what 36 years of will power could not do! God bless you!!

Dave L
New Hampshire

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I Felt Comfortable ... and Never Pushed.*

[In-person session focused on feeling separated from ability to be self loving and loving within intimate relationships. During session trauma and self doubt arising from non-acceptance by biologicial family came forward for healing and release. Ben was able to let go of a painful period in his life and reconnect with childhood joy. This work bridged the gap to being more self loving and able to give/receive love within his primary relationships.]

Since our session, it has been clearer to me that a career change is needed. I don't feel respected and valued at my current position and think that's really seeping into my psyche outside of the office.

I have found that returning to "I can give love, I can get love, because I am love" internally and spoken aloud is really helpful. [This is the mantra that came for Ben during his session. There is typically a word, phrase or other technique that comes through as a takeaway for each client's situation ~ Kristi]

There are still swings up and down, but it seems more manageable. There are definitely more "highs" than "lows" since working with you. I love the "energy counseling" aspect of your Perspective Reboot® process. I felt comfortable and valid throughout and never pushed!

Thank you again for your help and sharing your gift with me.

Ben G., Vermont

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cages Releasing From My Body Like Balloons Released From A Box*

[In-person sessions, initially sought for assistance in processing a traumatic event which happened within the last year. Also seeking insights and assistance with concurrent relationship turmoil and life-long pattern of people pleasing.]

My partner does not believe in spiritual or energy healing. However, he noticed huge progress after just one session with you compared with what has been accomplished in 10 years of talk therapy. Honestly, I feel like I'm done talking about it (painful childhood, difficulty setting boundaries, people pleasing).

Your observations and insights that behaviors I don't like in others are paralleled by my own behaviors was so relevant! Just this perspective alone has helped me shift my life for the better, right here and now.

As we worked on inner child healing in this second session, I was amazed to be able to "see" my younger self trapped in a cage. With your help, I got to the wonderful point of seeing and sensing the cages releasing from my body. There were so many of them, and they were like balloons released from a box.

I am so excited to continue our work together,
Finding Myself Happy, Maine

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Painful Skin Condition, Hormonal Problems, Anxiety*

[Combination of In-Person and Distance Sessions. Customized imagery/visualizations and ways to speak to herself and her body came through our work together, which accelerated the healing and empowerment process. Beyond the physical healing that took place, client transitioned from very insecure, fearful and apologetic to embarking on a more empowered phase of living, including deciding to move cross-country. You go, Lily!]

I came to Kristi for a painful skin condition as well as hormonal problems and anxiety. I felt like the pain had taken over my life, and I was so emotionally distraught because of it.

Kristi helped me not only get rid of my pain, but helped my issue subside substantially. She was able to find the root of the problem and helped me let go of the past that was making my anxiety so suffocating. I am moving forward with a new chapter of my life ...

If you are struggling with anything, I recommend her! I will always be grateful for her work with me.

Lily, 23
New Hampshire 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Releasing the Past to Finally Find Peace Within*

[Singly-scheduled distance sessions spaced over a period of five months. These were not part of a package. "P Henry" scheduled when they feeling overwhelmed and needed to assistance in processing and releasing heavy emotions which were also affecting their physical body.]

I have had three sessions with Kristi and can highly recommend her and her work.  Kristi is kind, insightful, and thorough.  She has helped me successfully navigate some very difficult times in my life by helping me see my body's reactions and sensations as cues to what may be bothering me. Kristi makes suggestions on how I can help myself, as well as identifying and affirming my own gifts.

With Kristi's guidance, I have peeled away layers to get to some core issues that have kept me stagnant.  Her insight and care have helped me release the past to finally find peace within. I see a more clear path to living up to my full potential as a being of light and unconditional love.

P Henry

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Spiritual Oasis*

[In-person session prior to scheduled surgery and post-op trauma-release session.]

Our session and connection was a spiritual oasis for me in the midst of a medical situation that required ultimate trust and surrender. 

Mary Lynn

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Got Engaged!*

[Distance session in mid-June, from Maine to New Zealand. On her Intake Form, Clarise noted she'd "had a Breast Reduction surgery in March and still recovering. Leaving me a little constricted with movement and neck and shoulders tensed." As happens many times in my session work, Clarise's 8-year old self came forward to heal a cornerstone of the physical issue. Immediate release in the breast tissue and ribs. Also release of some patterns of worry and anxiety.]

It has been over a month since our session and I just want to thank you for your healing and help. The pain I had on my left side was gone the following day of the session, and it has been a lot more flexible. (You had suggested I embrace the adventurous spirit of my younger Self, so) I took my eight-year-old self to a place called Hobbiton, and it felt amazing. And a few weeks later I got engaged!

Thank you again!

Warmest Regards,
Clarise R
New Zealand

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Noticed Big Changes ... More Energy, Less Nausea, Less Pain*

[Distance session. Dorothy's daughter found my site and "knew" I could help her mom. In early June, Dorothy had multiple teeth extractions and significant blood loss, resulting in her passing out and breaking her hip. She contacted me about 3 weeks after her unexpected hip replacement, feeling lots of pain, nausea, and weakness. 

Her pain largely released during her session. Messages came through of visualizations and methods she could more readily integrate the foreign body parts into the physical. Severe nausea was initially released but returned a bit at the end of the session. I "spoke to" and worked with the blood about increased red blood cell production, as Dorothy stated her Hematocrit was well below normal at 26.]

Hi Kristi,

Thanks so much for session. I noticed big changes. More energy less nausea and less pain in places we focused on tho still a lot of pain in some places.

I would like to do another session if u think would continue to diminish pain and help healing health and well being proceed more smoothly. [I reminded Dorothy that, at the end of the session, I had shared that she would benefit from a 2nd session within a 1-week time frame. Dorothy has scheduled that work.]

Thank You,

Monday, July 10, 2017

If You Haven't Partnered with Kristi, You Haven't Tried Everything*

[Post-op mini pain-relief/healing acceleration sessions beginning day of Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Facial Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinomas (skin cancer). Subsequent mini sessions in the days following.]

Having what I thought was a simple skin cancer spot removed, under my nose, turned into quite an ordeal! The incision was fairly long and deep. The surgeon said it was deeper than had appeared. I ended up with inside and outside stitches and steri strips over those and bandaging on top of all that!!

I am so very fortunate to know what Kristi has done for others and to have "known" to ask her to assist with her post-op sessions. I opted for her 45-minutes total session time package. She worked on me immediately when I got out of surgery/recovery, doing two 10 min sessions with me in the course of 3 hours right after surgery.

Before we started, I felt an odd stinging session that bordered on a burning feeling around my upper lip and under the nose. This was relieved, and gone, within 2 or 3 minutes! Though the right side of my face was still numb, I could feel a slight "pulling" sensation as she worked on me. I had her work on me with my eyes closed. I could feel energy swirling through my face and leaving. At one point, I did open my eyes and her hand was "pulling" in the air and away from my face. I felt that! It's just odd sensations but the relief was immediate. She says she can "remove trauma" and I know it's true.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I Feel Free Again!*

[Distance healing, clearing, clarity, guidance session by phone.]

I can't thank you enough for today. I feel like I've been "restored". I have learned new things about deeper wounds, etc. I already feel like I'm seeing things more clearly, that I didn't before (why I have certain blocks, etc.).

You've been such a gift to me. I feel free again!

Shannon E.
Lincolnton, GA

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Even If They Don't Believe ... You Could Help Them*

[Tim scheduled an in-person session with me for the day after his release from a substance abuse detox facility. He was open to letting go of the thoughts-energies-beliefs that had repeatedly led to his self-destructive "melt downs" in which he'd turned to drugs. His first session was transformative. 

Together, we uncovered wounds/traumas/self-limiting beliefs in his 5, 8, 12, 18 year old memories that came forward for transmutation and healing. Working on his long-term shoulder pain, revealed a long-term emotional trauma which was released. Testimonial is from Tim's second session, a week later which addressed deeper healing and transformation, plus release of some past-life cords holding him back.]

I've had a fantastic week since seeing you. I have not been this clear in a long time. I have escaped my self-imposed pattern of isolation and have reached out to several people I haven't seen in a long time. I have been sleeping really well. I feel great. I've gained weight, and for me that's a really good thing.

It's too bad that people aren't more open-minded about this [energy healing]. I think even if they don't believe in Higher Realms, that you could help them. It's very therapeutic! I am going to continue to see you because I know this has been really valuable to me. I feel so much lighter!

Tim M

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Healing the Physical Through the Non-Physical Body Energies*

[Distance session for extreme chest pain. Client had been to a cardiologist and other physicians and no physical reason for pain was found. She felt as though she had a band around her body. She had suffered much mental and physical abuse as a child, and "kept that pain at bay". Session focused on identifying and helping to release outer confines of the constriction.]

I've been to various doctors because I've felt as if a Sumo wrestler were sitting on my chest for the last month. I've had so many tests done on my heart and scans to ensure I don't have a blood clot or other problem. They found nothing wrong. It never occurred to anyone else that the traumas and emotions I've pushed down for years could have been the source of my physical distress.

Thank you so much, Kristi, for providing a safe space, helping me see the mind-body connection, begin to heal the pain and trauma, and feel more in control of my body.

Mava J

Friday, December 16, 2016

I Feel Really, Really, Really Great!*

[In-person session.]

For some time things have felt "off" for me, both personally and professionally. I have experienced a high level of frustration and also a lack of patience with myself and others. Intellectually I knew what I wanted and needed to change, but I just seemed “stuck”.

I decided to pursue a session with Kristi. I met her and had a good feeling about. Also, when I read her brochure she actually had a passage there that said “Are you feeling stuck? I can help!”

Since my session with Kristi last week I feel really, really, really great. I cannot even tell you exactly what happened in the session, but I feel like a new person! Essentially, I am now un-stuck!

Kristi’s Perspective Reboot® process helped shift and release old energies and allowed me to see myself and the world in a new way. I have choices in how to be and react that were not available to me before. What a freeing and empowering space in which to live! She also provided tools for me to recognize and shift my patterns, deepen the release, and continue to find more joy.

I have to say it has been amazingly effortless. Basically, I've been having a lot more patience and feeling a lot more joy and happiness in everyday life with my family, extended family and beyond. I am not bothered by the things which used to upset me … it’s not that I’m not engaged, I’m just to not so negatively affected by others. It’s wonderful!

Prior to my own session, I also took our 5-year-old daughter, who was extremely anxious, to Kristi. I have seen marked improvements since her session. Kristi provided tools to her to help her feel better about herself and her place in the world. She’s gone from very timid and crying at every separation to “rockin’ it.”

I am so grateful for your assistance, Kristi. I know you would say I should thank myself for allowing the shifts to happen, but you have helped me more than you know!

Jill S.
North Hampton, NH

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Work is Life Changing*

[Michelle was working with a personal coach with whom I have worked previously. The coach knew that her work with Michelle would go much more smoothly if some healing work accompanied their work. Grateful for the opportunity to shift her mind/body/spirit wellness so significantly. Sessions were initially via telephone, but when Michelle came to NH, she had her 3rd session in person in my home.]

Hi Kristi,

I have meant to write a testimonial for you for a while, but then I would get all tangled up on if it would really reflect your amazing work. 

Working with Kristi was a turning point in my healing process.  There is a noticeable BEFORE and AFTER in my finding my way way back to wholeness since working with her. Kristi emanates such loving energy, being worked on by her is like receiving a light-filled and gentle hug. Yet the work is life changing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Underlying Depression ... That's Definitely Gone!*

[Bethanee scheduled her distance session for what she felt was a stagnant lymphatic system, irritation to the nervous system, aching around the liver and a rash on her hands and palms. Symptoms had been present at least 3 years. In our session Bethanee revealed that she was empathic, feeling other's emotions and even physical concerns. I worked with her on assessing what was hers and what was other people's "stuff". She had two sessions, spaced about 10 days apart.]

Hi Kristi,

I just wanted to give you a quick update since our session last week.  I have noticed an improvement in the rash I have been experiencing on my hands, which is a huge relief!  I feel like my body has been processing things since the session, and I expect to continue feeling better as more time passes.  I am definitely interested in scheduling another session when I feel like I am ready!

The underlying depression that was always there ... that's definitely gone!

[two weeks later]

As I am feeling better, it is much easier for me to stay present within my body and also be more aware of the energy around me.  I am also able to think more clearly which allows me to shield myself more efficiently.  Overall I am continuing to see improvement!


Friday, July 1, 2016

You Are a Godsend*

[Tracy booked a distance healing session.  During our session some knowings about the root of some of her life trauma and pain came through and I shared it with her. "I am also intuitive" she said "and I just knew you were intuitive when I read your listing" on a 3rd party site. Sometime people are guided through convoluted paths to my site. Other times it comes up as primary result in their search. I love the threads that connect us all and allow me to offer this profound healing partnership.]

Thank you so much for your healing and for making me feel so comfortable and at peace with myself and my past pains. Looking forward to working with you again. May all the love you share return to you.

God bless you,

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chemical Sensitivity and Heightened Senses Had Me Desperate*

[Robin had purchased a 3-session package for some long-term patterns she sought to change. She used two sessions. She had exposure to pesticides which sent her body into hypersensitivity. She was covered with hives and felt that all of her senses were heightened to the point of overload. She was feeling so badly, that she went to the hospital; she was turned away and told to go to her doctor as her condition was not life threatening. Her doctor referred her to an allergist and her appointment was a week out. Remembering her appointment "banked" with me, Robin scheduled a distance session.

When I connected in with Robin during the session, I felt as if her personal space/boundaries were missing. Her energy was basically merging with that of everything else. I worked energetically and telepathically to reset these boundaries and help her body maintain its equilibrium. I also worked on calming down her skin and nerve endings.

Robin felt little during our session, but stated repeatedly that she wasn't concerned about that. "I never feel anything when you're working on me, but then within a day or two everything shifts." I could tell that she was getting healing.]

A few days after your healing session, my body started to normalize. When I was able to get to the allergist, he indicated that something, which I believe was the pesticide, set off my immune system and the reaction was a severe case of hives and hypersensitivity. At the direction of the allergist, I am taking two different anti-histamines twice daily and am due back for a follow-up with the allergist in about 3 weeks. 

I remember how desperate I felt that I would never get better when I spoke with you. The session calmed me down so much! I know that the healing started before seeing the allergist. Other than my normal seasonal allergies, I am back to normal. The hives, over sensitivity and severe itching are all gone.

I am a believer that your healing session was the main contributor to the turnaround. There are no words sufficient to thank you for the your healing work; I am forever grateful"

Robin L., Maryland

Friday, May 20, 2016

Removing This "Black Inky Stuff"*

[Many times I am asked if I am able to help children. YES! I am able to help children. In fact, many times children are very quickly responsive to my Perspective Reboot® sessions! This is a testimonial for a three-session jump start package. Sessions held in-person. Mom stayed in my living room, adjacent to my treatment area and could see the entire session (this was Jack's choice).]

I brought my son Jack (age 7 at the time) to Kristi to help him move through a difficult transition of moving homes, changing schools, moving away from his best friend and attending a different school than his sister, whom he is very close to. He was having challenges mostly at school, where our happy-go-lucky kid was angry and sad more often than not.

During his sessions with Kristi, he was able to articulate how he was feeling because she made him comfortable to do so, with her quiet reassurance and compassion for him. As she talked with him during the healing sessions, he was able to describe that she was removing this ‘black inky stuff’ from him. He said he always felt better after his sessions with Kristi; and over time, Jack made steady positive progress back to his once again happy-go-lucky self.

His teacher also commented on the ‘excellent days’ Jack was having soon after his sessions with Kristi. I have no doubt that Kristi’s healing work contributed to Jack being able to move through such a difficult time for him much more easily than he would have without her support!

Alicia Forest
New Hampshire

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Truly Awe-Inspiring and Life Changing*

[In-person session for physical pain in chest & lower back, numbness in arms, and feeling of anger and insecurity. Client indicated she wanted my jump-start 3-session package. Within the first half hour, the physical pain in her body was gone and she was amazed to NOT feel pain.

We decided near the end of her first session to continue for another hour as a traumatic event from age 12 had just come forward for healing.]

Kristi ~ Thank you so much for my first energy healing! What an incredible experience it was! I almost don't believe I could change my perspective or let go of something I've held onto for so long after 2 hours! It truly was awe-inspiring and life changing. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you again! Sending love and light ...
Kelly S

Sunday, April 17, 2016

WOW ... both of these were HUGE improvements! *

[Combination of distance work without vocal contact, medical intuitive information and hands-on energy "healing".]

I’d like to submit a testimonial on behalf of my grown son, AJ.

About two years ago he collapsed in severe pain and was taken to the hospital via ambulance. The blood test they did showed his blood levels 100x times higher than normal. It was thought  to be his pancreas yet his pancreas appeared normal. Doctors ran several tests and found nothing.  They kept him overnight on pain meds and were going to confer with other doctors the next day

I posted the situation on facebook.com and messaged Kristi, to purchase some pain-relief sessions for AJ. She told me that she started working on him, "talking to his blood" and trying to help it self-regulate. 

The next morning I asked my son if Kristi and I could visit him. He was in a lot of pain and was exhausted from not sleeping. He said “Just take the pain away…” So up we went and Kristi just put her hands over his pancreas and then his gall bladder. She said she felt a “block” or “lump” of some sort in the gall bladder. The doctor couldn’t find anything there though. 

Sitting with him, I watched his face relax and saw him relax. She just “knew” where to go and at one point went to his feet. I asked how he felt and he said he was “uncomfortable”. WOW, from extreme pain to “uncomfortable” in just a few minutes. I saw him drifting off, so I asked if he wanted to go to sleep and he said he did. WOW ... both of these were HUGE improvements! She worked on him for about 10 minutes before leaving AJ and I together. I left him sleeping shortly after that.

When he woke up, AJ told the doctor he felt fine and wanted to go home. The doctor insisted on another blood test and keeping him in overnight, so they could do one more blood test the next day.

I got a text from AJ the next morning saying he was home! His blood levels were normal with the first blood test after Kristi left. They released him while scratching their heads. They couldn’t figure out what happened, but I'm sure Kristi released the pain and released the issue.

Friday, March 18, 2016

I Know What's Needed, Your Amazing Gift*

[Ariel had a distance session in which we resolved a lot of pain in her still-young body. Some months later, she is planning her second session. Here are her notes ...]

You were able to help me reintegrate a piece of my soul the last time and to heal my wounded 4 year old. I can still see her dancing, laughing, and feel awash with peace upon picturing her. :)

I have been making some wonderful progress but do in fact feel its time for another session with you. I have been unsuccessful [on my own] at healing any other child pieces that remain separated. My angels have been helping to guide me to healing and to moving forward on my path. :) I know what's needed, your amazing gift.

I am definitely looking forward to it. It seems the time is more than right!

With love,

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Am All Smiles and Filled with Hope*

[In-Person Session. Still in her twenties, Meg sought a session to heal long-term anxiety, fear, self-esteem issues and lots of areas of back stress/tension.]

Our session together was such an amazing and eye opening experience to go through. I felt lighter after leaving our session, while also feeling a highly noticeable flow of relief and pure happiness rush through me … I am so very proud of myself for overcoming my fears of seeing you.

I feel a sense of peace that I have not felt in a very long time … I am all smiles and filled with hope, positivity, and excitement for our next two sessions together. Words can't even begin to describe how blessed I am to have crossed paths with you. I will keep thinking about my great transformation <3 Also, I absolutely love your calendar!

Sending lots of thanks and love your way,
Meg C.
Southern Maine

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What A Relief ...*

[Bonnie participated in the "Foundation of Love, Root Chakra Group Healing Session" which is available on demand on the Kore Healingsm with Kristi pages.]

What a relief it was this morning when I went shopping and could walk around that store for an hour (which was my walking exercise) and not feel any hip pain. I am so grateful to you! I realize from the session and the release I had, this pain stemmed from my sexual, physical and emotional abuse as a child. I was hurting in all areas. I am amazed I kept that pain in my body for so many, many years! Thank you for helping me identify and release it.

You are an angel,"
Bonnie F.
New Hampshire

Saturday, November 7, 2015

... You Guided Me Expertly, and You Truly are a Gifted Individual!*

[Karen and I met per chance at a recent fair in which I was a vendor and healer. I was actually walking around when I noticed her and her unusual pendant. I asked if I could look more closely at it and touch it. There was a connection on the spot and I suggested to her that she make an appointment to see me. She booked an in-person session, days later. She told me that my image kept coming to mind, and she knew she had to trust that inner knowing. Her session was booked for release of fears and psychic pain, and we released some intense, multidimensional fear and sadness. ]
Having a session with you was the best gift I could give myself.  At the start of the session I was a bit anxious knowing I would be delving into my soul and peeling away some deep layers! 
However you guided me expertly, and you truly are a gifted individual! A heartfelt THANK YOU. 
You enabled me to clear some long-held blockages that were preventing me from moving forward with my life. I am truly refreshed! 

Big Hugs and Peace,
Karen J.
Dover, NH

Friday, October 30, 2015

Your Work is Truly Amazing*

[Distance session for negative thoughts and/or blocks when meditating. During the intro discussion of the session, I asked Ariel about the indications on her INTAKE FORM of severe pain in her hands and back. Despite being only 32, she has had arthritis in her hands and very painful scoliosis in her back since age 13. "What happened around that time that was traumatic?" I questioned. There were a number of things, but she related one incident in which she was forced by adults, charged with her care, to deny that something traumatic HAD happened. The focus of her session was then placed on healing these younger inner selves ... specifically ages 9-13. At one point her 4-year-old self also came forward for healing of a burden she, too, was carrying ... pivotal.]

Thank you so much Kristi!! It was an amazing experience. The pain in my right hand is almost completely gone. :) I have been able to stand up straighter and no longer lounge in my chair at work. I can feel the muscles realigning to support the change in my spine.

What an experience this whole thing has been. I still have vivid flashbacks of my childhood self at 4 and 9 dancing, running, skipping, and singing with joy [which was a transformation during the session]. Your work truly is amazing.

Friday, October 16, 2015

I Felt an Instant Level of Comfort Like I Had Come Home*

[In-Person Sessions ~ Ashley called and left a message on my voice mail. Earlier that day I had been meditating and sent out "Send me someone I can help." When I called her back, she said she felt that she had a foreign negative energy bothering her at night. I shared that this wasn't a situation I normally deal with and I wasn't sure I could help. I offered her a half hour phone session to see if I could effectively help her. Toward the end of the conversation, I asked her if she had looked at my site. "I just searched for what I needed on Google and when I saw your number I called. I was happy that the Universe had provided me with what I needed." In that moment, I remembered my asking that same Universe to send me someone I could help, so we went forward with scheduling the one-hour in-person session. As you'll see, Ashley found a lesson in trusting herself in this, and so did I. Thank you, Ashley.l

Before I called you I had seen [another practitioner].  She was the first one that actually answered the phone and was willing to see me right away. I went to the appointment and it was nice. However, she didn't listen to me in the way I needed her to. [My concerns about negative energy] did not fit in with her whatever...whole picture...way of believing. She was extremely dismissive and unwilling to see anything other than her way...insisting that my energy was just fine because of a pendulum she held above my Chakras. She talked about herself nonstop, and the retreats with this Tibetan person and that ......

The second I met you, I had an instant feeling of comfort and understanding. It felt like I had come home or embraced a long-lost friend. I found the way you work is so similar to the way that my Reiki teacher from long ago works: the feather clearing, the bowl ... even as much as the little jiggles you would give to get things moving.

It was a complete lesson to me to continue to trust my instincts. I just wanted to pass all of that along to you as a big huge thank you. Thanks again. I appreciate the support. 

Ashley Morrill

Friday, August 7, 2015

I'm So Grateful for a Fresh Start -- It's Beyond Words!*

[Sarah heard my radio interview on Expanding Awareness with Victor Robert Venckus (Boston) in May and "just knew you were the one to help me". She was amazed to be noticeably happier after meeting me briefly, in person, at the Mind-Body Expo in Arlington later that month. We worked together over the phone, and Sarah blossomed. She is experiencing levels of joy and light, previously unknown in her life. Sharing the gift is truly a treasure to me in and of itself, but I love that Sarah chose to write a song for me as a testimonial.]

A 36-measure testimonial is a piece I wrote for you expressing my feelings on your healing resonance, and the process we went through! I'm so grateful for a fresh start -- it's beyond words.

This piece is for you to use however you wish, Kristi ... "Healing Resonance with Kristi Borst"

Sarah B. German

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I Cannot Wait for My Next Session*

[In-person session. When we first sat together, prior to starting the energy work, "B" acknowledged trauma from her childhood and early adulthood related to emotional and sexual abuse as well as rape. "I've worked on all that in the past ... years of therapy and energy work with other practitioners. But things are coming back up and I recognize that feeling." Trauma was manifesting as back pain.]

I am feeling really good. I've had amazing shifts and layers of stuff come off of me. I know that so much more has lifted in this session with you. I had a great night's sleep, which is unusual for me (typically I cannot sleep because I have so much pain when I'm laying down). I woke up with very mild pain this morning ... significantly less than what it typically there. Looking forward to my next session!

New Hampshire

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Extremely Valuable Mentally, Emotionally & Physically ... Great Strides in My Health, Personal Life and Business*

[In-person sessions which addressed physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Ingrid mentions questions at the start of her session. Typically prior to a session, insights come to me on the situation/root of the problem. I discuss that with the client and then we work together to energetically shift that focus/concern/story.]

I had multiple sessions with Kristi during a period when I was battling Lyme disease. My health had deteriorated; I had extremely low energy and my hands were ‘burned’ from the Lyme antibiotics. What I admired in working with Kristi was her ability to get to the root of problems that, on the surface, seemed to have nothing to do with Lyme.

I had unfulfilling relationships with many people in my life including my ex-husband, my sister and some business partners. It was amazing to me how Kristi would ask me a question at the beginning of a session that was completely in tune with something that needed resolving if I were to make progress.

Over the two and a half months that we worked together, I was able to resolve inter-personal issues and along with those, physical complaints. I consider the time spent with Kristi to be extremely valuable mentally, emotionally and physically. I was able to shed ‘baggage’ that had weighted me down for many years and make great strides in my health, personal life and business.

Ingrid LeVasseur
Inner Image Clinical Thermography

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Because of the Blocks [Kristi] Removed, It Has Caused an Avalanche of Opportunity to Come My Way ...*

[Distance healing session via telephone.]

Kristi is a POWERFUL healer!

I also work as an energetic healer who is in the process of taking the leap to start my business in this field.  In the process of researching other websites to get ideas for mine, I came across Kristi’s site. I loved the wording and the energy I felt just from reading her site. I decided to schedule a long-distance phone session with her to work through some of my many blocks regarding my path as a healer that I felt were holding me back. I also had hopes that I could just talk with her and get some of her experiential advice in this field but I did not mention that desire when we talked during the intake portion of my session. 

During our session, Kristi remotely was able to sense and simultaneously work on the fear based energies around my heart and their connection to childhood trauma I had experienced. It was a very soothing and relaxed experience even when I felt the waves of emotion come up and out. She worked with me to remove the many blocks that were present. During the session I began to feel much lighter.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kristi Did More for Me in One Hour Than a Counselor Did for Me in 13 Years*

[In-person session. Prior to the session, Cassie stated she was there because "I just feel blah!" Testimonial email received one week after her session.]

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I signed up for the appointment. I overheard my mom talking about a spiritual experience she had at work when she smashed her thumb with a hammer and Kristi walked up and asked if she could help. My mom agreed and within seconds of Kristi healing her, the throbbing and pain had stopped. My mom talked to Kristi and found out she was a spiritual healer and artist. My mom, intrigued, went to a show [where Kristi was selling her artwork], learned more about what Kristi does and was amazed. She came home and told my sister (who just broke up with a long time fiance) about Kristi and how she thinks she would help her overcome the pain and gain back her self confidence.

Fast forward to November and it is my birthday month and a very strenuous month for my family (who just moved to NH from MO). I request a gift certificate to go see Kristi to help me overcome some of my anxiety and dark feelings I had about my childhood and marriage.

I went to Kristi's house and was given a warm welcome. I almost immediately felt at peace. Her energy is so warm and inviting and comforting. We talked briefly and I immediately start crying (I am not a big cryer, so this was weird for me). We discussed what came to her in the moments before my session and everything was spot on! I was impressed!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Her Methods Help Release the Energy that is Counterproductive*

[Long-distance healing for grief and heartache.]

Kristi has a gift. Her healing energy powers really helped me heal when I was experiencing deep grief. My colleague, who was also my son's teacher, passed away. I was filled with such grief it was difficult for me. I was filled with sadness and I cried often. It was difficult to be productive when filled with such grief. 

Kristi used her energy remotely to remove the sadness and grief from my heart. I could feel my heavy heart become light and warm. From then on, I missed my colleague, but I no longer felt the strong, heavy sadness that was preventing me from functioning well. 

A week or two after the session, I got the same warm feeling; I contacted Kristi, and at that moment she was, in fact, thinking of me. Her methods help release the energy that is counterproductive and helps people heal. She has a gift that is incredible. Words cannot adequately describe the transformation. 

Since then I have become a fan of Kristi's radio programs which are available in podcast format on her website. Her perspective has helped me see the world differently and it has helped me put every day events in a healthier perspective. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Something Major Has Shifted Within Me. The Fear is Gone. The Shame is Gone.*

[Long-distance phone session.]

Kristi was instrumental in helping me overcome a huge block I had around money and self-worth.

As an adult adoptee, I carried feelings of guilt and shame around being adopted. I secretly believed that I was “too expensive to keep” and somehow incapable of earning money. As a result, for many years I struggled to earn money, and to deal with money from any perspective other than fear and lack.

It all came to a head before my family and I were going on vacation overseas. I threw out my back, worrying about the money our trip would cost and the fact that I was contributing nothing to our travel expenses.

Kristi’s healing was basically an hour-long session of love and compassion. She saw or sensed my blocks, understood their root cause, and helped me to understand that money is just one way a person can contribute to one’s family. “You give in so many other ways,” she said. Her words alone began to remove the heaviness from my heart that I’d felt all my life. Not only did my head say “you’re worthy of good things…” my heart finally seemed to get the message too.

A few days after my session with Kristi, we boarded the plane for England and I was perfectly fine. I had no pain and felt much lighter about the money it cost. But that’s not where the story ends….

Monday, September 22, 2014

I Think You Revived My Life*

[In-person session. Feedback received as voice mail following session. Client is 80+ years old and was feeling very down on life with several major health concerns.]

I am feeling good ... great actually. I think you revived my life!

Dan D.
Wells, Maine

Thursday, August 28, 2014

An Incredibly Gifted Healer; She Has Helped Me, My Son and My Daughter*

[Testimonial from a fb post about my 13-week radio program through TransformationTalkRadio.com. This was an amazing experience, as the information to discuss came to me in a bundle (topics first) with details and parables coming in the days and minutes before and even during the shows.]

I am honored to call Kristi Mortensen Borst my friend. She just ended a 13 week radio show and was asked back for one more week! This is her latest show (last?...who knows). She is an incredibly gifted healer; she has helped me, my son and my daughter. Sometimes, it's one session and others it takes more but it's all worth it.

GET AWAY from traditional doctors and go back to what worked for our forefathers. Just my humble...hahahaha...opinion but it works. You can listen to her shows, archived, through her website Healing Resonance and experiencing her healing videos.

Do yourself a favor and check her out. This was her "encore" show, yesterday, July 15, 2014. I'm including her write up below:

"Perspective Reboot® Information Overload: Finding the Nuggets of Gold in the Murky Waters
One doesn't have to look far to find doom and gloom predictions of things that will happen today, tomorrow, at some future point in time. Perhaps you even have a doom and gloom program looping continually in your subconscious mind? Let's explore your "secret" abilities to pan for gold and consistently come out a winner! Perhaps you already have gold in your hands but just cannot believe your eyes? Or others are telling you "That isn't Gold!" Is it all a mirage? You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a life of joy. The door to your getting there may be much closer than you've realized. What if all it takes is one more try to succeed? I am a gifted intuitive energy healer and have helped many people in private session and through gifted mini session on this show. Despite opening the 800 number call-in line at the top of the hour, no one called until the very last couple of minutes of the show. I worked very briefly with Bernie who was having shoulder pain, but was not able to fully connect with her in that time. I extended the invitation for her to call me privately after the show so I could continue the support to her on this issue." 

[This segment air time was gifted to me by Dr. Pat and Transformation Talk Radio.]

Namaste and Enjoy!
Yvonne Prince

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What You Do and Share is Absolutely Phenomenal*

[Lynn was in a very fragile state when she called me on Friday, June 6, for an appointment. Feelings she had pushed down for many years were surfacing. In addition, she was feeling shaken by some developing psychic abilities However, she wanted to wait until Monday for her session. I did some preliminary centering with her to smooth things out, and we met by phone on Monday, June 9. The loving energy helped calm, clear and center her. I also helped her ground herself and step into her personal power.]

I am feeling much better, centered. Following your recommendations every day.  Listening to your talk show & reread your blogs. Such loving inspiration!

On Tuesday, June 10th I had three spiritual experiences. I just want to say that [since my session with you] these experiences are so peaceful & loving!  Amazing!

What you do and share is absolutely phenomenal. I feel so much comfort in learning and knowing about ourselves - our spirit having a human experience. It is a whole different perspective and understanding!  I feel blessed to be aware of all of this! You are a comfort to me!

Lynn G

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Overall, I Have Felt Lighter*

[Mary heard my 5/8/14 interview on The Dr. Pat Show and called for a private long-distance session. Mary was feeling stuck and having "difficulty moving forward". A physician had recommended antidepressants, but she had said "no". In addition, Mary complained of stiffness, inflexibility and pain in several areas of her body.]

I wanted to thank you for our session a few weeks ago and let you know how it has been for me. I do so appreciate your helpfulness in making the session happen as soon as possible - even with some of the technological difficulties [in my sending my intake form]!

Overall, I have felt lighter. There has been a lot of "drama" at my children's school ... but I feel like I have been able to move through this time somewhat easier than I used to. I am always working towards this!

My back and elbow have been better. Interestingly enough, even though we didn't speak too much about this, my relationship with my husband has been better too! :)

With gratitude,

[I have repeatedly heard that a bonus side effect for some people is that marital relations flow with much greater ease after a healing session.]

Monday, April 21, 2014

I Now Had the Courage to Face the Subject Head On*

[Terry was my on air caller on the debut segment of Perspective Reboot® with Kristi Borst on Tuesday, April 15. I worked with her approximately 9 minutes during the show, including a 3-minute commercial break, during which we were not in communication. I focused primarily on her solar plexus, attitudes and heart chakras during this time.]

I want to thank you for taking my call during your program. I had planned on being a listener, but when you opened the lines for callers I suddenly had the urge to call. I had been thinking of my friends and family members who could use a healing touch. In that instant I took time to put myself first, a bold move for me.
Although I did not have a physical ailment, I felt that I needed to deal with an emotional one. I am over 50 and in the last year met a wonderful man. Our relationship is a very healthy and supportive one. I cannot say that for my past relationships. The only problem, I was having was having moments when I felt this person deserves someone "better" than me. I knew that allowing these thoughts to poison my relationship was unhealthy.

When I called you and we talked, I felt "Butterflies" in my stomach, it was as though they were going in a circle with a vortex in the center. I felt energized. Shortly after our call I resolved to take a leap, talk about our call with my boyfriend and confess my fears. I usually hold these fears in or tell a close girlfriend, but I now had the courage to face the subject head on. That night we talked about my lack of self esteem and he assured me that I am "perfect" for him.

The morning after my mini session, I woke very refreshed with all kinds of creative ideas and inspirations. I am amazed that I have had many years of negativity release from this one brief exchange with you. I have felt it leave my body and I feel so much lighter. Not only do I feel better about my relationship, but I have been very productive in my work.

Thank you so much,
Terry Fitzpatrick

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Thank You For Making A Life-Changing Difference for Me!*

Right Arm BEFORE
Right Arm NOW
[In-person and distance healing. Client started out with hour-long energy sessions and then was transitioned to mini-sessions similar to those offered for post-operative pain. When his skin would flair up, he would contact me and I would work on him for just a few minutes at a time. I am grateful for the faith which this client placed in me, as I was just starting my practice when we started working together. The results amazed me and validated my desire to offer this gift to others.]

Thank you for making a life-changing difference for me! For over a year, late 2011 to early 2013, I pursued treatment for a terrible skin breakout occurring over most of my body. I was seen by my primary care physician, three dermatologists, an allergist, a specialist at Lahey Clinic, and went through extensive blood testing, light therapy, etc., etc.
No “medical“ reason could be found for my condition, so treatment and healing were elusive. Caustic steroid medications were prescribed which would alleviate some of the breakout but created other problems in the process. Each time the course of medication came to an end all the symptoms would return within a week, sometimes even worse than before.

It was a very depressing time for me, and I slept a lot. I eventually turned to Eastern Medicine in the form of acupuncture. There was some temporary improvement, which I suspect was more as a result of the diet restrictions than the needles.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Reawakening of the More Carefree, Happy Person I Used To Be Before the Anger and Fear Took Over My Heart*

[Client had participated in a Long-Distance Group Healing Circle with her husband on 2/23 and then requested a seat in my subsequent 3/22 Group Healing Circle. She requested assistance with pain in shoulders, tightness in chest and low energy levels. This email/testimonial was received the day after the second Long-Distance Group Healing Circle.]

I wanted to wait until after my second distance healing session with you mostly because on the first one I was really focusing on my relationship with [my husband] not myself.  I did experience a shift in my perception of [my husband] which I already shared with you.  So the first distance healing brought about a more compassionate heart and mind towards my relationship with [my husband] which had turned towards anger and resentment, not love and kindness as we had started out at the beginning of our relationship.  This feeling from me has also been reflected back to me from [my husband].  We are more playful, lighthearted and more forgiving of each others' imperfections.

On to my second distance healing,  I was more focused on me and my own healing. The first word that came to mind from my heart when you asked am I feeling the energy was "peaceful". [Since there were only two individuals in this circle, I had elected to communicate with them via text messages at the start and stop of the healing phase of the circle.] A new calm settled over me, the voice telling me I had to get this done, do that, clean this, pay a bill all silenced.  I was calm, happy to be in the moment, listening to soul music, happy to be me just as I was.  The message was clear to me.  I no longer had to hold on to the the frightened little girl in me that was curled up in a ball of fear, holding herself in a tight ball to keep safe. 

My wings spread wide and I soared high above the mountains and the sea and I was free!  I have let go of the past and I am recognizing a new lighter step in my walk and am dancing and singing and all of a sudden I want to clear all the clutter and simplify my life.  At the same time, my heart beat has slowed down.  I am slower and take more breaks.  Instead of a busy bee flying from project to project I am a butterfly fluttering slowly enjoying the currents of the wind, smelling the roses and just enjoying being me doing nothing at all.

Monday, March 17, 2014

We Continue to Grow More Loving and Safe Each Day*

[Group Healing Circle. Client placed herself and her husband in the circle. When I wrote and inquired what help they were seeking she wrote: "I am very lonely currently in a mostly loveless relationship. My heart is heavy writing this but I am tired of pretending everything is alright when it isn't. We have been going to marriage counseling for over a year with very little results. We are both kind of stuck in a very angry hurt place. [My husband] does not sleep well, and suffers from restless legs and pain and discomfort. He did work with a naturopath and received acupuncture and he also tried Yin Jutsu but he has discontinued everything including supplements. Thank you for sharing your gift of healing with us both."]

This email was received the day after the circle ...

I am feeling lighter and less anxious, letting go of what I want for [my husband] and letting him figure it out and do what he wants. [My husband] slept through his alarm on Monday morning, a first in a long time. He said he slept soundly through the night.

Thank you for your healing thoughts,

Then two weeks later ...

[Our] relationship has begun to shift now that I have changed my perspective, and we continue to grow more loving and safe each day.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Am So Thrilled at the Rapid Relief and Healing [of] Your Amazing Energy*

[Several in-person mini sessions for pain relief and healing.]

I wanted to thank you, very much, for your healing energy!

As you know, recently I slipped and fell twice, in a week! I know I fractured/cracked the base of my spine. I know this because, several years ago I broke the tip of my tailbone off. All of the intense pain and discomfort is, basically, the same. I was advised not to ever fall again because the base is now flat and can cause paralysis with a fall. I was advised if I ever fractured/cracked it that it would require 6-12 weeks of laying on my stomach to heal along with pain medication. Obviously, I dodged a more serious result, but I do not have time to lie down for so many weeks nor do I want chemical pain medication!

My first visit to you took the immediate pain away. It just vanished in 10 minutes and, I was amazed! However, it didn't relieve the underlying issue. Then I fell again and came back again. In 10 minutes the latest wave of pain was gone! At this point, you started more in-depth work on me, as I wanted to fast forward the healing process.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Look Forward to Your Show*

It was great to hear you on the Dr. Pat Show. I just heard you this morning ... I am glad you help others and look forward to your show.


[I will be hosting a weekly radio show on TransformationTalkRadio.com starting on April 15, 2014. Join me every Tuesday at Noon EST/3 pm PST. Segments will include time to work with one or more callers.

Audio playbacks of the show are on my site, here.]

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Was Told by the Radiologist I Didn't Need Any More Appointments!*

[In person session]

After my lumpectomy and first round of radiation, Kristi performed a healing on me. Then, I was told by the radiologist that I didn't need any more appointments! That was almost a year ago, and I think that confirms the power of the healing work Kristi shared with me!

Barbara Hero

Friday, January 17, 2014

I Knew You Were the One to Help! *

[Long-distance healing session.]

I have heard many healers on The Dr. Pat Show, and when I heard your voice, I knew you were the one to help! I want to thank you, again. I felt such an incredible connection to you. Where is the healer to go when we need healing too? You have been that being of light for me!

love, light and oneness,

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Relief was Almost Instantaneous!*

[Long-distance healing sessions prior to and following surgery to remove melanoma cells and reconstruct the affected area.]

I have experienced several energy healing sessions with Kristi Borst. She is knowledgeable and skilled with sensitive and effective healing techniques. My sessions were done through distant healings, and I found a positive change in my vibration during and after each session.

My pain from the surgeries she worked with me on, was beautifully manageable, and the relief was almost instantaneous! I can truly state that this experience was transformative.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

I Am A Much Better Functioning Human Being
(Resolved Sciatic Pain)*

[Healing circle client who subsequently booked two in-person, private healing sessions with me.]

I met Kristi at a healing circle in Kennebunk, Maine. I had been struggling with Sciatic nerve pain in my hip and down my leg for around six months or so. Kristi worked on me, along with others in the circle and I was impressed with her authenticity and honesty. At the end of the hour I decided to make an individual appointment which happened a few days later in Wells, Maine.

During this session, under Kristi's loving care and guidance, I was able to release a lot of deeply-held emotional pain; an event which stands out in my mind as the beginning of my recovery from the Sciatic pain.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Skin is Much Better ...*

[Long-distance intuitive healing session via telephone to address severe psoriasis on client's hands and face. At the time of the session she was contemplating going onto oral steroids.]

Wanted to report back that my skin is much better, and I believe your healing touch and advice are to be credited! I have been drinking a lot of water, and allowing myself to rest, and repeating positive affirmations ... I wanted to say thank you so very much. I believe your healing energy is very powerful, and you certainly have a very loving and caring way about you.

I'll be in touch soon.

Lucy W

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You Definitely Helped Me*

[In-person session]

Thank you dear Kristi for your loving assistance and such heart. You definitely helped me clear a HUGH piece for me which was more about forgiving myself. You have been a joy to be with on this journey...a lot has and continues to shift and it feels wonderful.

Ellen T

Saturday, September 21, 2013

You Are the Real Deal*

[In-person session to address fear about future episodes of cancer.]

Good Morning Kristi,

I had a wonderful evening. I meditated on my love for my inner child. I told my child-self all was right. After a few minutes of letting go of some of the past hurts. I knew, I had chosen my relationships and asked for these lessons. Once I realized that, I had a rush of love engulf me. It was beautiful.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Could See Some Change, and Would Like to Work With You On This...One-On-One*

[Long-Distance participant in a group healing circle held on 7/23/13. Lydia joined the circle because she was having problems with what she assumes is scar tissue on her intestines from prior surgeries. Exploratory surgeries never seem to find any problem let alone repair it. Her major complaint was that when lying on that side, she feels as if she were "lying on a balloon."]

Sorry I have not gotten back to you. I was in the process of moving. I was distracted on the day of the healing circle and nothing was working [I sent the long-distance participants the visual heart-opener meditation we do in the circle as well as the music]. So I just got quiet and I could feel the energy on my left side in the crown and heart area.

Later that night about 11 pm, I laid down and could feel something energetically in the area of the problem. This happened twice. I did see some change, and would like to work with you on this after I settle down. I will be in contact with you after my move, to work with you one-on-one.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It May be Life Changing!*

[In-person session.]

I visited Kristi during a recent trip to Kennebunkport, because I was experiencing neck and shoulder pain. Kristi suggested that the work she does could quite possibly result in permanent change. I was drawn in by the compassion and sincerity of her voice and decided to schedule an appointment with her. She asked a few questions and, within the first 15 minutes was able to tap into some emotions that I, myself, had not recognized as being a possible source of pain.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Nothing Short of a Miracle*

[Remote session via telephone in place of an in-person session, as Dr. Jackie was ill at the appointed time. In the intuitive work prior to and during the session, I saw that there were some self-questioning fears that could be released. I mentioned this to her and we focused on releasing them.]

My healing session with Kristi was nothing short of a miracle. In the healing session Kristi addressed both the physical issue of a cold, as well as the emotional/spiritual issue of lacking confidence in my professional life.

The session was performed over the phone, and both during and immediately following the treatment I didn't feel much of anything other than goose bumps at various points. But then, by the end of the month I experienced a complete turn around in my feelings about my business, and of course as a result my business started taking off.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Soothing and Relaxing*

[A mini-healing session (30 minutes) at a Healing Fair. At the time, Maureen was in the midst of a lot of stress over the completion of a new home and was dealing with temporary housing. Although she was nearing the end of the turmoil, so many things had gone wrong, she was unable to see what was going right.

As the session started, she was experiencing intense bladder pain, and intuitively knew that her feeling "pissed off" was manifesting quite literally in her body. We were able to release all of the emotional charges she was holding in various parts of her body. She also noted to me several days later that she had noticed her entire perspective on things had softened, much to her surprise and joy.]

I found my healing session with Kristi to be both soothing and relaxing. The headache, tension in my back and abdominal pain I had been experiencing came to the surface and slipped away. After my treatment I felt more calm, relaxed and better able to focus.  Kristi herself is: kind, compassionate and non-judgmental.


New Hampshire