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Testimonials and Feedback

I am grateful for the opportunity to assist people in getting to a greater space of wellness and joy through my Healing Resonance mind-body-spirit-emotions sessions and art. We are not merely our bodies ... we are an ever-changing composite of physicality, emotions, spirituality, and energy/frequency/vibration. These aspects of self are so tied together in somewhat of a "chicken and egg" (which came first) scenario that the mind-body-spirit approach to healing makes so much sense.

Because the unseen realms of human form (including communication with/to/through the physical body intelligence) are where my natural abilities excel, affecting positive outcomes in others is somewhat effortless ... I merely go to that aspect of myself that is totally and unconditionally loving and feel what is not in resonance with that presence and release it (with my clients' consent, involvement and cooperation). I work for the highest good of all!

This section of my site includes testimonials some of my clients have written and invited me to share with others. In most cases I have provided a bit of background info [written in brackets]. Many major transformations reflect a shedding of an old, painful story/frequency/density. This is why I love to say "release what no longer serves you." The time is right for incredible shifts and we are each here to contribute our pure essence of light and love. That is so much easier to do when we are centered, balanced, and clear. Much love, Kristi

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Got Engaged!*

[Distance session in mid-June, from Maine to New Zealand. On her Intake Form, Clarise noted she'd "had a Breast Reduction surgery in March and still recovering. Leaving me a little constricted with movement and neck and shoulders tensed." As happens many times in my session work, Clarise's 8-year old self came forward to heal a cornerstone of the physical issue. Immediate release in the breast tissue and ribs. Also release of some patterns of worry and anxiety.]

It has been over a month since our session and I just want to thank you for your healing and help. The pain I had on my left side was gone the following day of the session, and it has been a lot more flexible. (You had suggested I embrace the adventurous spirit of my younger Self, so) I took my eight-year-old self to a place called Hobbiton, and it felt amazing. And a few weeks later I got engaged!

Thank you again!

Warmest Regards,
Clarise R
New Zealand

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Noticed Big Changes ... More Energy, Less Nausea, Less Pain*

[Distance session. Dorothy's daughter found my site and "knew" I could help her mom. In early June, Dorothy had multiple teeth extractions and significant blood loss, resulting in her passing out and breaking her hip. She contacted me about 3 weeks after her unexpected hip replacement, feeling lots of pain, nausea, and weakness. 

Her pain largely released during her session. Messages came through of visualizations and methods she could more readily integrate the foreign body parts into the physical. Severe nausea was initially released but returned a bit at the end of the session. I "spoke to" and worked with the blood about increased red blood cell production, as Dorothy stated her Hematocrit was well below normal at 26.]

Hi Kristi,

Thanks so much for session. I noticed big changes. More energy less nausea and less pain in places we focused on tho still a lot of pain in some places.

I would like to do another session if u think would continue to diminish pain and help healing health and well being proceed more smoothly. [I reminded Dorothy that, at the end of the session, I had shared that she would benefit from a 2nd session within a 1-week time frame. Dorothy has scheduled that work.]

Thank You,

Monday, July 10, 2017

If You Haven't Partnered with Kristi, You Haven't Tried Everything*

[Post-op mini pain-relief/healing acceleration sessions beginning day of Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Facial Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinomas (skin cancer). Subsequent mini sessions in the days following.]

Having what I thought was a simple skin cancer spot removed, under my nose, turned into quite an ordeal! The incision was fairly long and deep. The surgeon said it was deeper than had appeared. I ended up with inside and outside stitches and steri strips over those and bandaging on top of all that!!

I am so very fortunate to know what Kristi has done for others and to have "known" to ask her to assist with her post-op sessions. I opted for her 45-minutes total session time package. She worked on me immediately when I got out of surgery/recovery, doing two 10 min sessions with me in the course of 3 hours right after surgery.

Before we started, I felt an odd stinging session that bordered on a burning feeling around my upper lip and under the nose. This was relieved, and gone, within 2 or 3 minutes! Though the right side of my face was still numb, I could feel a slight "pulling" sensation as she worked on me. I had her work on me with my eyes closed. I could feel energy swirling through my face and leaving. At one point, I did open my eyes and her hand was "pulling" in the air and away from my face. I felt that! It's just odd sensations but the relief was immediate. She says she can "remove trauma" and I know it's true.